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Actionable intelligence to protect businesses from internal and external cyber security threats.

Secure Net Pros defends clients from both external and internal threats. We offer an innovative, affordable cyber security service that uncovers security threats that occur inside your network. Behind this advanced service is a state-of-the-art cyber security appliance that works 24/7 using proprietary pattern recognition and mathematical modeling to identify anomalous user behavior, suspicious network changes, and threats caused by internal vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. Our cyber security appliance catches:

  • Unauthorized wireless connections to your network
  • Unexpected additions of new user profiles
  • Applications installed on a locked-down system
  • User-granted inappropriate admin credentials
  • Unusual afterhours log-ins

These are just a few of hundreds of risky events that can occur inside your network. Secure Net Pros provides actionable intelligence that detects threats and protects your office from cybercrime.

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About Secure Net Pros

Founded in 2018, Secure Net Pros is a full-service managed security provider based in Clearwater, Minnesota. Our mission is to proactively identify and eliminate internal and external security threats to give our customers the peace of mind to focus on building more profitable futures.

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