Cyber Security Threats

Discover the three cyber security challenges facing most organizations.

Traditional security safeguards such as firewalls, antivirus, and antimalware protect networks from external threats. But approximately 70 percent of all data breaches and threats originate inside networks, leaving them vulnerable.

Conventional malware-focused security infrastructure is inadequate to protect your network from today’s cybercriminal. Unresolved security threats can cause downtime, appropriation of intellectual property (IP), theft of confidential information, hardware loss, reputation damage, or worse. Our 360˚ managed security solution provides internal security alerting solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. Contact us today to discover how.

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Insider Threats

If you think most data breaches are due to malicious insiders, you’re wrong. Research firm Forrester found malicious actions by disgruntled employees accounted for just 12 percent of cyber security workplace incidents. But inadvertent misuse of data by employees caused a whopping 27 percent of cyber security breaches. If your company experiences a security breach, it is twice as likely to be perpetrated by a reliable employee than disgruntled worker. In short, your best employees could also be your greatest risk.

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Data Breaches

Data breaches and other cyber security threats to your business occur far more often than you might think. Unintentional and unauthorized user access to computers, data, and programs on your network put it most at risk.  Bad actors may intentionally misconfigure, alter, or destroy valuable business resources. But more often, breaches occur as a result of well-intentioned employees making errors within your network.

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Lax Standards

Cybercrime is predicted to cost companies $6 trillion worldwide by 2021. Alarmingly, more than 40 percent of those victims are small to medium businesses. Technology experts believe cybercriminals are targeting small businesses because these organizations often have laxer cyber security standards in place. Without cyber security strategies and policies, small and medium-sized businesses leave themselves open to data breaches and data theft.

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